Top 10 Tips on Stammering Cure by Partha Bagchi


Are you suffering from stammering? Is talking to others your biggest fear?

Are you tensed, humiliated, depressed and have lost all hope in life due to your stammering?


Partha Bagchi helps you to overcome your stammering no matter how old or how severe your stuttering is. Here are the top 10 tips by Partha Bagchi to help you overcome your stammering :

1. Believe in yourself that you too have the right and the ability to speak stammer-free.

2. Life is too short to be sad and worrying about your stammering. Try to be cheerful and lively, instead of thinking negatively and pessimistically.

3. Don’t make stammering your reality. If you think you will stammer then you are most likely to do so. Instead think that there is a chance that probably this time around things are going to be different. You may not face stammering at all.

4. Being relaxed and staying relaxed helps your body and mind to work in tandem and help you voice out your heart.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you stammer a few times. Focus on the number of words that you spoke fluently, which when compared to the number of words you stammer in, is huge!!!

6. Breathe, for it is the essence of life and it is what is going to help you speak fluently. When your body is tensed, your breathing becomes restricted. Relax yourself in order to breathe fully and to keep your breath while speaking.

7. Keep your mind calm so that your mind is totally free and aware.

8. Rather than concentrating on your stammering, keep your focus on connecting with the person and feel the difference in your speaking experience instantly.

9. If the root of stammering lies in fear, then it is time to apply the age-old remedy for fear – FACING IT HEAD ON. Once you confront the feared object or activity, the fear vanishes like thin smoke.


10. Think about all the things that can go right for you while speaking to someone instead of thinking about the worst possibilities that can only pose problems for you.



For more information on stammering or stuttering and to clear your doubts feel free to visit Partha Bagchi’s website or you can also write to share your views and ideas to


42 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips on Stammering Cure by Partha Bagchi

  1. Nice sounds good… let me try some of the above and update you with the feedback…infact I wont stammer at all when i speak to my mother and my friends. And I totally stammer each and every work i speak with my DAD and strangers and senior officials.

    Thanks a TON pratha Ji… the text was helpfull

    • Stammering occurs less or sometimes doesn’t occur at all when we are speaking to people whom we are absolutely comfortable with. For example as you mentioned you don’t stammer when you speak to your mom or close friends.

      But when you speak to a strict parent or your boss or strangers fear comes into play. Stammering increases due to fear, tension, nervousness, etc. Because of all these things you are not able to express yourself freely.

      • Hi, my name is rohit

        Just believe in ur self, motivates ur self evry day, let people going laugh.

        I am also a stammer but there is no problem on that.. no one is perfect.
        But I am trying every day to be perfect.

        I talk daily with my self in front of mirror.. thats helps me..alot..

        Keep talking.. guys not matters what people think..about u
        that ONLY matters is what u think about ur self.

  2. Sir I am from rajkot in gujarat.. preparing for my UPSC exam . But I stammer alot sir..from school days due to stammering I never participated in debates and other co curricular activities… sir need ur help . Want to get out of this problem ..

    • Hi Ajay. I will be visiting Gujrat in the first week of May. You can book a FREE consultation session with me. Call me on +919886060037.

      I am sure I will be able to help you out of this problem.

  3. Sir I am following these 10 things for a long time, when I faced an interview no worlds came out from me , I was humiliated and I last my hopes

  4. Sir, observations which you have made on people who stammer are very correct.
    Even I wish to have a “stammer-free” life.

  5. Dear Sir, I am one of your hundreds of fortunate students who was in your 1999 September batch. Back then I was 27 years old bachelor & my stammer at that time could be termed as moderate to severe. Your course helped me a lot & within one year I was cured by around 70 %. Today at 44 I am married with a 11 year old son & 95% cured of stammering. The 5% I have kept as a margin to always remind myself of your instructions & continue the beautiful style of talking which I have developed & maintained over the past 17 years.I would like you to share this letter with all those who you think might benefit in all forms. …..Vivek Powar, Roha, Maharashtra.

  6. thanku sir…….. isnt any practical classes to resolve stammering… if is it please share sir….. and also many of the methods please share to resolve stammering… in any way like exercise, self therepy…. so please sir its really heart….

  7. Thank you for this guidance. I would like to know your some more tips please sir can you give me some more tips that i can 100% sure & destroy my stammer.
    how could i connect you?

  8. kya apka delhi m bhi koi centre hai.
    this stammering has ruined my life i just want to get stammer free fr rest of my life.
    plz guide me..

  9. Sir Mera Naam Shoeb Hai Me UP Se Hu Mujhe Pichle Kuch Salon Se Stammering Ki Problem Ho Rahi Beech Me Ye Problem 80% Tak khatm ho Gayi thi PR Aaj Kal Ye Problem Bht Zyada Badh Gayi H Me Hamesha Tention Me Or Irritate Rehta Hu Iski Wajha Se kisi Cheez PR Focus Ni Kr Pata

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