More often than not, stammering is attributed to consciousness over a particular word or letter. In this article, Partha Bagchi, Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore  explores how this happens to children suffering from stammering and why child stammering occurs. Having suffered from stammering himself for 26 years and having helped thousands overcome stammering, Partha Bagchi provides a clear and concise understanding to child stammering in this article. 



When someone stammers, their attention is usually drawn to the words, sounds or letters on which they face this problem. As a child, they may not notice that their speech is faltered. Their parents, teachers, family members, friends or others take the “responsibility” to point it out to them. Repeated pointing out makes the child more and more conscious of his/her stammering and especially if the child has stammered on a particular word or letter or sound, the child’s anticipation of stammering increases and he/she starts to fear that word. That word may be rarely used or might be a necessity in speaking that language. If that word requires to be used infrequently (hardly), the child can get through without much worry by easily substituting other words or quickly omitting that word. However, if the word is highly important to complete sentences or to make meaning in that language, the child has no end to his/her worries and the stammering becomes more severe as time passes.

As the fear starts whenever that word appears while reading or talking, the child anticipates more stammering. When this self fulfilling prophecy comes true, the child ends up stammering more violently as he/she thought he/she would. This process continues to happen repeatedly and thus the child continues to believe with more conviction that he is going to stammering on that particular word, letter or sound. This “contagion” spreads like wild fire and slowly the child tries to generalizing this fear of one word, letter or sound to others. For example, if the child stutters on the word “stuttering”, slowly the fear will spread to other similar words starting with the letter S.

I am sure this article on Child Stammering by Partha Bagchi will give you some insight on why child stammering occurs, the symptoms of child stammering and the adverse effects of child stammering. Partha Bagchi’s next blog will contain some tips and guidelines to child stammering.

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