In the earlier blog about child stammering, Partha Bagchi, Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, explored how consciousness on a particular word, sound or letter could eventually transform a “normal”, fluent child to a severe stammerer. In continuation to that article, Partha Bagchi writes to parents and teachers about how they can help their child’s stammering by helping them get over their consciousness over that particular word, letter or sound by offering some tips for parents and teachers on child stammering . 



Here are some tips for parents and teachers on child stammering and guidelines to help their child overcome stammering:

  1. Explain to the child that stammering is not their fault and that they should not blame or punish themselves for their stammering.
  2. Be sympathetic and caring to the child not out of pity for the child because of the child’s stammering but out of your love for the child and the desire to help him/her.
  3. Try to inculcate in the child that the only way to win over your fears is to CONFRONT it. In this case, be with your child and support him to say the feared words, even if stammering occurs.
  4. Help the child to be heard no matter how much difficulty the child may be facing in saying it out.
  5. Don’t complete the sentences or phrases or words for the child as the child will then grow dependent and become “lazy”. Let your child complete the sentences or words.
  6. Work with the child to not dodge or avoid saying the “feared” words no matter what.
  7. Help the child rehearse saying the “feared” words or sounds out aloud.
  8. Do not let your child substitute the difficult words. The more he/she does it, the anticipation and fear of stammering grows.
  9. Relax yourself and your child whenever a “feared” word or sound occurs. Relaxation is the only key to reducing the fear in the child that is due to stammering.
  10. AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST …………………                                                                                                               Prevention is better than cure. So before you or the child has to go through all this, you can stop it from beginning altogether. Be sympathetic to the child and don’t play the “perfectionist” by pointing out or scolding him every time his/her speech falters and stammering occurs. Allow the child to learn by himself what is correct and what is not. 

So these were some tips for parents and teachers on child stammering. I hope these tips will be helpful for all of you to deal with child stammering. For more informative articles on child stammering and effective solutions to stammering, follow Partha Bagchi’s future blogs on

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