If you believe that people are born with stammering or just wake up one fine day and start stammering, then here is Partha Bagchi, the Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, explaining to parents of children who suffer from stammering as well as to adults who have not yet understood how stammering develops or starts as they were very small then.  




In most of the cases, stammering develops from an early age (from 3 to 10 years). Neither does stammering start by birth nor is there any physical defect. Stammering usually starts with minor problems but gradually complicates due to certain life circumstances, ignorance, unconducive environment and wrong parenting practices or treatment.

 When a child begins to stammer, the family members and others draw the attention of the child to it and make the child conscious of his disfluency. The child, at this stage, is not mature enough to deal with this sudden stammering problem and the constant awareness of the difficulty make it even worse. Different advices and guidance from an array of people makes the child confused as to what to follow and what not. (A detailed description of this process is given in the blog CAUSES OF STAMMERING by PARTHA BAGCHI)

 The child feels guilty and helpless if the parents are over-anxious, sad and dejected. The stammering problem gets more serious if they discuss these problems in front of the child. So the child starts hiding it by avoiding, substituting, hesitating and their confidence level dips down gradually. There is a lack of co-ordination between thought and speech as the child is battling in his mind to cover up his stammering problem. Fear, nervousness and tension develop with the constant anticipation of blocking.

 Slowly the stammering problem becomes so acute that the child becomes branded as a ‘STAMMERER’ for life not just by others but also him. Naturally depression, dejection and inferiority complex encircle the child. Being small, they are unable to express their feelings freely. They want to express so many things but pulls back because of the fear and anticipation of stammering and fear of negative responses. They are caught in the vicious cycle of being subjected to teasing, mockery, humiliation and under-estimation. Their negative beliefs and pessimistic thoughts get pampered. With the passage of time, the initially minor problem worsens and the child loses confidence in himself and starts believing that their stammering problem cannot be cured.

 All these things which start in the childhood continue lifelong, unless you take ACTION. Consult Partha Bagchi, a specialist in stammering cure and child stammering to get yourself or your family members assessed and cured of stammering at the earliest. I am sure that this blog will give you a clear picture as to how stammering develops and complicates.

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