I am sure we all thought that stammering only existed in speech. In today’s article, Partha Bagchi, Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, explores the rare phenomenon of pen stammering.

“PEN STAMMERING?!?!?!?!?!”   

 Yes, you guessed it right. “Pen stammering” is the not-so-common form of stammering or stuttering that happens when a person is writing. Let us explore and illuminate ourselves on this interesting and bizarre type of stammering with Partha Bagchi.




Pen stammering is a relatively rare type of stammering or stuttering that occurs while writing. Contrary to the popular notion that stammering is due to a problem in the mouth, tongue or other speech organs, stammering has been shown to occur in the hands as well in some special stuttering cases. Typically when a person with pen stammering writes, the person’s tip of the pen stops abruptly and then restarts to complete the word or letter he/she is writing with much force and struggle just as a person would do when he/she stammers to get the words out of his mouth. It appears as if the normal flow or fluency of writing is hampered by a stammering-like occurrence, hence the name pen stammering.  

The reason this pen stammering occurs is related to the actual phenomenon of stammering or stuttering in speech. While writing a word or sound (letter), a fluent person requires forming the words using his/her speech organs. For instance, when one has to write the word “FLOWER”, the speech organs including the vocal cords and lips start to function as if they are actually saying the word “FLOWER”. The same mechanism gets triggered when one has to read a word in their mind. This process is very easily observable in small children who are learning to read and write a language.

In people who stammer, the same process is triggered while reading and writing. While reading aloud, the person stammers or stutters on the words or sounds and that is heard by all. If the same reads in their minds, the person may choose to skip the mind or they may show some disturbed or erratic behavioural response to the word that they may experience stammering or stuttering in. In pen stammering, they write and express their stammering or stuttering of the same word or letter as a hesitation or “stuckness” while writing that word. It looks as if their hand would just not move to continue writing the word because the word has not been completely articulated by their speech organs.

After having read all this with a curious and confused mind, you must be wondering why it is hardly noticed, reported or even written about. The reason for its oblivion is that while somebody is writing, hardly anybody notices if they show signs of pen stammering. Usually it is noticed more in children and with time, they are able to master the art of writing as adults. But according to an author, pen stammering is considered a rarity in all cultures but it has existed ever since humans began to communicate using spoken and written language, i.e. it has existed for thousands and thousands of years.  To know more about pen stammering, continue to follow my future blogs on

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