In this article, Partha Bagchi, the Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, writes at length about the actual problem he faced as a “stammerer” and the same problem that numerous others are facing as a result of their stammering problem.

There are many people who think that stammering itself is the problem or the cause of the problem in life. As a result, people who stammer also grow to believe that this misconception is true. But if one tries to look a little deeper, one is likely to find otherwise. At the surface, what one sees is stammering and starts to consider that it must be the problem. What lies in the mind of the stammerer is a “fruit-salad” of humiliation, dejection, discouragement, shame, guilt, embarrassment, depression, under-confidence, resentment, loneliness and envy accumulated continuously over the numerous years of life branded as a “stammerer”.

This “fruit salad” in essence is made with these stale, rotten “fruits” in the mind of the stammerer and has the same toxic effect when one tries to eat it. The mind consequently falls sick because it has been fed this decomposed “fruit salad” of negative thoughts and feelings day in and day out. When one’s mind is filled with the toxins and stench of negative thoughts, the person is bound to develop negative attitude towards self and others as well. This bitterness and pessimism becomes a chronic “condition” that the person has to live with.

When one has to live in this toxic state or mind, the person suffers from a quicksand-like struggle. The person unaware of quicksand or its consequence, steps on it unawares and keeps sinking deeper and deeper in this negativity. The more one struggles to get out of it, the deeper he/she sinks into the quicksand. As a result of this internal struggle, the person’s speech becomes a struggle with ever-increasing stammering as he/she goes deeper into the quicksand.

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