In an earlier blog titled “THE STAMMERING QUICKSAND”, Partha Bagchi  described the spiraling trap of negative thoughts in stammering. In this article titled “TOP 10 TIPS TO REMOVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS”, Partha Bagchi, the Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, suggests solutions to beat the problem he had faced as a “stammerer” and the same problem that numerous others are facing as a result of their “stammering quicksand”.

As promised, this blog is dedicated to the hand that saves a sinking person from the quicksand of negativity in stammering. Here are top 10 tips to remove negative thoughts by Partha Bagchi to beat any negative thought that arises from your stammering problem. These top 10 tips to remove negative thoughts are sure to help you combat the quicksand of stammering and will act as your own hand that pulls you out of the quicksand when you are spiraling and sinking in the negativity of your mind.

1.First and foremost, snap yourself out of the spiral and pull yourself up even if you feel it is impossible. Just showing the desire to get out the quicksand of negative thoughts is a very strong and powerful weapon to combat them.

2.Smile!!!!!!!! This is something you can always do even when you feel that you can’t. Try to smile at yourself in the mirror.

3.Try to spend some time outdoors in a park or garden or in the terrace and let the nature cleanse your mind of all negativity.

4. Believe in yourself. It is the strength and light from within you that is going to guide you further in your journey through life.

5.Very often, we are so hooked to our past that we almost lose what we have in our present. Get past your PAST and live in your present.

6.Try to stay engaged in some work or hobby as an idle mind harbours more negative thoughts.

7.Try to stay entertained with some music, television or movies that will lighten up your mind.

8.When we are low and down, we often feel that we don’t want to talk to anybody. In truth, this is the time we need to open up to someone or be with someone who understands us and can inspire us to come out of the quicksand. So try to spend time with friends, family or even strangers.

9.Any situation in life can be overcome with a little humour. Read, hear or see things that are funny or even crazily “lame”. Jokes, comedy sitcoms, comedy shows, joke books, sms forwards, anything that is available will do the trick.


10. Remind yourself over and over that “YOU ARE A WINNER” because you made it till here victorious against all odds in life and you will make it from here on…..

I am sure this blog titled “top 10 tips on removing negative thoughts” will be helpful in removing the negative thoughts which pop up in your mind.


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