Often times in our life, our problems are because we feel “stuck”. In stammering too, this feeling of “stuckness” becomes our actual problem rather than the stammering itself. In this article by PARTHA BAGCHI, the Founder President of STAMMERING CURE CENTRE, Bangalore, titled “STRUGGLING WITH STUCKNESS IN STAMMERING BY PARTHA BAGCHI” explores this feeling of getting stuck in the context of stammering.

To a person who stammers, the feeling of being stuck is the worst nightmare that they can ever imagine. Constant humiliation and/or punishment to every word or sound that they stammer on makes them dread the very thought of being stuck or stammering on a word. The feeling of getting “verbally” stuck lasts only as long as they are in that situation. They may use psychological defenses to deal with the episode or may feel depressed and conscious of their stammering for some time. But what really lasts is that feeling of being stuck with their stammering lifelong…

The struggle that people who stammer go through is that they feel stuck with their stammering. For many stammerers, accepting the fact that they have stammering becomes very difficult and even traumatic at times. As a result, they start to question everything in their life including their own capabilities and their right to live a happy life. This feeling of stuckness with stammering that they go through prevent or “handicap” the people who stammer and they start looking at themselves like a “powerless helpless victims” who is incapable of being or feeling normal like others.

I am sure this blog by Partha Bagchi titled “STRUGGLING WITH STUCKNESS IN STAMMERING BY PARTHA BAGCHI” has helped you understand your experience of stammering. Please read on to know how to move on from this struggle of being stuck… at

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