Partha Bagchi – Tips on How to control your EXCITEMENT?

Tips on How to control your EXCITEMENT?

Are you finding it difficult to control your Excitement?

Do you start Stammering or Stuttering more while speaking, when excited?

Partha Bagchi gives you some practical tips on how to control your excitement…

Partha Bagchi, an Ex-Stammerer, who is the Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre ( will now discuss some practical solutions which helps you know how to control your excitement.



Founder President,
Stammering Cure Centre

Excitement is basically the feeling of enthusiasm and eagerness. We all get excited in different situations. For example, while speaking on our favourite topics or while making our point in a debate or argument or while simply remembering something about our past. It is a great state to be in and is mostly positive.

However, excitement can also pose serious problems. A major cause for the occurrence of Stammering is unnecessary or uncontrolled excitement. I am sure most of you have experienced this and will agree with this.

Here are a few tips to control your excitement in important situations and overcome your stammering :

  1. Analyse the causes for which you get excited.
  2. As much as possible, try to avoid or remove those things from your mind which causes excitement.
  3. Try to relax yourself and get over the excitement at that moment.
  4. Excitement could increase your stammering and bring back negative memories of your stammering.
  5. When excitement takes control, your body becomes out of control. So take control of your body and control your excitement.
  6. Make your expectations of yourself more realistic.
  7. Control your mind at the very beginning so as to completely be in control of your excitement.
  8. Practice restraint and rehearse controlling your excitement.
  9. Don’t think too much about what you did or how you spoke. This could otherwise lead to depression and low self confidence.

Last but not the least,

10.   Take baby steps and work towards your goal of controlling your excitement and becoming stammering free.

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